Inner Soul Spotlight: Freebies & Gems Too Good Not to Share!

Shining the spotlight on quality artists who want to share their music for either NO cost, or for nearly a steal.

Too good to pass up, check them out!

Feedback is important to an artist, and to me as well — let’s me know that you dig what I’m sharing!

JHill: an artist that you may have seen onstage with Sy Smith, Alison Carney or out and about in DC doing his thing!  JHill is that dude (listen to him sing Donny’s song)

His EP was a freeload at one time, but now it has the whopping price tag of $5bucks.  When I tell you that the $5 is an undersell, I definitely mean it!

Acoustics from the HILL – EP


* * *

AAries: remember the two pretty girls who sang along with Musiq Soulchild back in the days and there always seemed to be some sort of promise that we would hear from them, in the form of their own album?  Well, thanks a bunch to SoulBounce, the news of their EP has spread far and wide!

Get this free load now before the number of dl’s causes their site to shut down again!

Covergirls by AAries


* * *

Nicholas Ryan Gant: The first time I heard the precious voice of this songbird, he was backing Ra-Re Valverde up in Harlem.  His range was absolutely crazy — and the twitter ID: Ghetto Falsetto is definitely fitting! Here’s a link to his album, Hittin Switches (a tribute to West Coast hip hop of the 90s) ~ a free load!

Hittin Switches


His 2011 release, Angst in A’cappella (another free load) is packed with joints that see Nick’s vocal acrobatics running rampant!


* * *

Eska: My days, years back on Myspace were spent exploring the corners of the earth in search of good music, and people who enjoyed much of the same.  I came away from that experience with lifelong friends and plenty of affiliations to fabulous music makers.  Now in the time of facebook, I am grateful for people like Ahmed Sirour because his passion for music is real!  He posted a link to Eska’s soundcloud page and I saw a familiar name that made me light up like a kid on Christmas.  Eska was one of those gifted musicians on myspace whose page I would get stuck on — just because what was coming out of her music player was just too damned hot.  Her voice and her style, all her own — simply captivating.

There are some free loads on her soundcloud page — check it out and then stay up on her latest (here)

* * *


This one here is just for your listening pleasure:

Speaking of Ahmed Sirour, he and Cleveland Jones are creating musical magic!

~~> a smash in the making:


(turn your speakers up L O U D and 2 step to this one!)

* * *

Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when it involves the goodness in life that music brings with it.  It is my hope that I have exposed you to some grooves that delight your ears in the same way mine are caressed (*wink*) — let me close with this month’s free load from my homebase, SoulTracksTawana Lael‘s ‘Journey to Love’ is the Choice Track for the month of March.  (listen and provide feedback, if you care to)


until we meet again ~


~ by theinnersoul10 on March 28, 2011.

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