GRATEFUL ~ An InnerSoul Brief Intermission!


While the whole ‘Inner Soul‘ concept prepares to take on a new overview, my good friend, DJ Smoove decided to show his love for ‘me’ supporting his mixes for the years I’ve known him.  He did it in such a way that took everything I was going through on that particular day and left me even more grateful for his friendship.

When I discovered my brother on myspace, back then — he was mixing indie soul music that I thought only I was up on! There was one mix and one top friend (y’all remember those, right?! 🙂 that hooked me and cemented the friendship. He had a mix with Eric Roberson and V (aka VRoane). V was in his top friends area — and that sold me! Smoove and I have been comparing music libraries, encouraging one another — even when the other is not aware that one needs to be lifted, and just keeping one another filled with a smile.

Gospel house, especially a few of the songs that Smoove included … take me to a time and place when I hung out at this certain spot, not for its ambience, or lack thereof,  but the camaraderie and definitely the music the DJ would spin.  Good memories and great times!

Check out this mix because I can almost guarantee that the steps you take while listening to ‘Grateful‘ will fill your spirit, boost your level of creativity and set you in the right direction!





~ by theinnersoul10 on March 16, 2011.

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