Rahsaan Patterson & Abby Dobson ~ Special Weekend = An Evening to Remember!

This coming weekend, it won’t matter if the bitter cold chooses not to stay away from New York City!  The heat that we anticipate to come out from the cavernous pit, better known as the BB King‘s Blues Club and Grill will be enough to fend off any sign of brutal cold.  This is Valentine’s weekend ~ a weekend that should be filled with nothing but LOVE

I highly recommend this show for all lovers ~ anyone wanting to be in love ~ those searching for a mate (just might find one) and those whose hearts have been so tainted might even find themselves open, at the end of the evening to new love possibilities. (smile)

Rahsaan Patterson has not taken to that same stage in quite some time ~ and his NYC performances are legendary.  He’s known to take the crowd on a trip through each of his previous releases and deliver some of the new material that is rumored to drop shortly.  Abby Dobson is a beautiful young lady, with a voice that can capture you with its lull effect.  Her range is spectacular, and her delivery is so potent that the expression on her face is often priceless.

This is a show that you should make EVERY effort not to miss…

For ticket info (click here)


~ by theinnersoul10 on February 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rahsaan Patterson & Abby Dobson ~ Special Weekend = An Evening to Remember!”

  1. I am so jealous! I still haven’t seen Rahsaan live yet. Poor me!

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