The Inner Soul 20/11 Jumpstart!

First and foremost, The Inner Soul is undergoing serious behind-the-scenes transfiguring. It was necessary to sit myself down, isolate from the world and decide what it is I’m looking to do in 20/11.  Truthfully, there were periods of indecision, depression and outright ~ ‘eff it, I’m going to fade into the fabric’ moments!

After tapping into my circle of loving advisors & the person whose opinion of me matters most: my mommy (smile), I am happy to report that I’m off my hump!  So, although my JETS suffered a devastating loss that cost them a spot in this year’s SuperBowl … I will survive! *wink*

A couple of things I think you should know about me if you are going to ride with me through this future journey to my Inner Soul…

1) Football season is my favorite time of the year!

2) Keep all hateful comments about the NY JETS to a whisper ~ in my presence or on my space!

3) I’ve been a fan of the NY JETS since I was in elementary school and Janice Kee became my BFF (& her father adopted me, RIP Big Al)!

4) My favorite living musicians are: Mint Condition, Rahsaan Patterson, John P. Kee (get his latest album: The Legacy Project ~ to die for!), Fred Hammond, Will Downing and Stevie Wonder. Any of them could easily talk me off of the ledge!

5) My musical heroes that have departed this life are: Billie Holiday, Phyllis Hyman, Noel Pointer and Donny Hathaway.

6) I have a special place in my heart for horns and strings! The music of Mike Phillips (horn), Mike Ward (strings), Noel Pointer (strings), Lorenzo LaRoc ~ can calm a storm in my life at any time!

7) My gospel elite: Richard Smallwood, GMayes & N.E. (my god brother), Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Marvin Winans, James Hall (Worship & Praise … before the Citadel), Norman Hutchins, Tonex (before BSlade), JMoss and … Fred & John ~ can turn a rainy day, sunshiny bright in my life and give me unparalleled hope!

Notice that I seem to have a thing for male vocalists? I’ve never been able to put a finger on why that is ~ but a sista singer has to work me over like my favorite female vocalists: Kelly Price, Monica Blaire and Lalah Hathaway.

8) If I don’t rave about it (whatever ‘it’ may be), then I’m really not feeling it! That’s just me … the me that folks have come to respect … this is one critic that can’t pretend, whether you are a friend or foe. If I love it, I’ll be sure to share just why you ought to love it too.

(I’ve heard your feedback about the new collab with Kelly Price & Stokely [2 blog posts back] and I still love it! Later for y’all skeptics lol)

On that note … Be sure to take a moment to cast your vote in the SoulTracks poll for the Greatest Slow Jams of All Time. Check out some of the features while you’re on the site: new music reviews, new video selections, news and entertainment updates, artist bios, free song download, monthly album preview and so much more. Y’all be good, stay tuned and get those ears ready for loads of new music!

Major Shout Out to Eric Roberson and the global united ERF’lings (I’m one! 🙂  Eric recently taped the Mo’ Nique show, which airs tomorrow (Monday, January 31st @ 11:00pm on BET)

One final note. I’m kicking this year off with a … major announcement! Sounds strange to me as I type it, but I have new love.  It is true, there is someone new on the scene to hear my woes, guide me through the muck, to kiss my cheek and bring me a smile.  I’m feeling blessed and I thank God for answering silent prayers.


Stay tuned for The – Inner – Soul overhaul…



~ by theinnersoul10 on January 31, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Inner Soul 20/11 Jumpstart!”

  1. I read as many posts as possible even though I may not always reply. I so trust your feelings about the music (sports I had to leave alone too much business got in the way). Glad you have love for music and Lorenzo Laroc is sweet on that bow!!!

  2. Dang, you roll deep for the Jets. LOL!!!!

  3. HA! That was an eye/earful! Go on then, Sis. Let it out, lol.

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