Inner Soul Rewind: Honoring Lady T’s Legacy w/Certifiable Blends

The sting left behind by a sudden and unexpected death, sometimes never seems to fade. However, when the individual is an entertainer and leaves a tremendous body of work as their legacy for us to treasure, the pain is slightly decreased. Such is the case with the recent passing of Teena Marie aka Lady T aka Vanilla Child. We knew it would be only a matter of time before the podcaster familia went to their respective corners to pull together the best mixes of music ‘The Ivory Queen of Soul’ left behind for us to cherish.

Two of my favorite folk under the podcasting umbrella: TGrundy, the mastermind behind R.I.B.S., not the messy delicacy that once walked on four hoofs, but a delicacy of music medleys, nonetheless; and the brother who has identified himself as EJ Flavors in the world of social mediums joined forces to bring Lady T to us in the form of five dynamic mixes. (tracklistings posted below)

For me, these offerings hit the spot because each of my favorite Teena Marie (& Rick James) songs were included — I hope you’ll feel the same!

EJ Flavors Playlists #1 -#3

Teena: Uptempo

1 – Square Biz (It Must Be Magic )

2 – It Must Be Magic (It Must Be Magic )

3 – I’m a Sucker for Your Love  with Rick James (Wild and Peaceful)

4 – I Need Your Lovin’ (Irons In The Fire)

5 – 365 (It Must Be Magic )

6 – Behind The Groove (Lady T)

7 – Don’t Look Back (Wild and Peaceful)

8 – Chains (Irons In The Fire)

9 – The Ballad Of Cradle Rob & Me (It Must Be Magic )

10 – Revolution (It Must Be Magic )

11 – Work It (Naked To The World)

12 – Lovergirl (Starchild)

13 – Surrealistic Pillow (Naked To The World)


Teena: Downtempo, Volume 1

14 – Portuguese Love (It Must Be Magic )

15 – Fire and Desire W/Rick James (Street Songs)

16 – Casanova Brown (Robbery)

17 – If I Were A Bell (Ivory)

18 – Wishing On A Star (New York Undercover: A Night At Natalie’s)

19 – Happy w/ Rick James (Throwin’ Down)

20 – Too Many Colors (Lady T)

21 – Irons In The Fire (Irons In The Fire)

22 – Young Love (Irons In The Fire)

23 – Aladdin’s Lamp (Lady T)

24 – I’m Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too) (Wild and Peaceful)

25 – Yes Indeed! (It Must Be Magic )

26 – Opus III (Does Anybody Care) (It Must Be Magic )

27 – Ooo Wee  w/Kurupt (Sapphire)

28 – Baby I Love You (Congo Square)

29 – Baby I’m Your Fiend (La Dona)


Teena: Downtempo, Volume II

30 – Out on a Limb (Starchild)

31 – Dear Lover (Robbery)

32 – Ooo La La La (Extended Mix) (Naked To The World)

33 – Deja Vu (We’ve Been Here Before) (It Must Be Magic )

34 – Naked To The World (Naked To The World)

35 – Sunny Skies (Emerald City)

36 – Stop The World (Robbery)

37 – Can It Be Love (Lady T)

38 – Now That I Have You (Lady T)

39 – Where’s California (It Must Be Magic )

40 – You Blow Me Away (Sapphire)

41 – Parking Music (Passion Play)

42 – A.P.B. (Sapphire)

43 – Can’t Last A Day w/ Faith Evans (Congo Square)

*EJ Flavors link*

R.I.B.S. Playlists #4 & #5

Playlist 4: (song – artist)

  1. I Am Love (ft Teena Marie) – Pamela Williams
  2. Somebody Just Like You (ft Gerald Albright) – Teena Marie
  3. Lover’s Lane (ft Howard Hewett) – Teena Marie
  4. Soul Mates (ft Teena Marie) – Q.T. Hush
  5. When It’s Late (ft Teena Marie) – Gooch
  6. Life Is So Hard (ft Teena Marie)  -Eve
  7. Shorty Down – Teena Marie
  8. Ain’t A Damn Thang Changed – L.A. Nash
  9. Lead Me On – Teena Marie
  10. Bad Boy – Teena Marie
  11. The Ballad Of Cradle Rob & Me – Teena Marie
  12. Main Squeeze (ft Lenny Kravitz) – Teena Marie
  13. Cruise Control (ft Smokey Robinson) – Teena Marie
  14. Can’t Last A Day (ft Faith Evans) – Teena Marie
  15. Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite) – Pamela Williams
  16. Soldier (ft Shirley Murdock) – Teena Marie
  17. Congo Square (ft George Duke) – Teena Marie

Playlist 5: (song – artist)

  1. Gigolette (ft Teena Marie) – Ozone
  2. Baby, Do You Feel Me? (ft Teena Marie) – Danny Tenaglia
  3. Body Work (ft Teena Marie) – Yo-Yo
  4. Sweet On You (ft Yo-Yo) – Teena Marie
  5. I Got You (ft Rick James) – Teena Marie
  6. Ladies Choice (Feat. Queen And Gail Gotti) – Teena Marie
  7. Cum On Over (ft Teena Marie) – Domino
  8. God Has Created (ft Smokey Robinson) – Teena Marie
  9. Hypnotized (Prelude) – Teena Marie
  10. Hypnotized – Teena Marie
  11. Dear Lover – Teena Marie
  12. Sudan (ft Teena Marie) – George Duke
  13. Simmer Down (ft Lady Levi) – Teena Marie
  14. The Pressure (ft MC Lyte) – Teena Marie
  15. Black Cool – Teena Marie
  16. I’m Still In Love – Teena Marie
  17. My Dear Mr. Gaye – Teena Marie
  18. Latin Lullaby (ft Teena Marie) – Pamela Williams

*R.I.B.S. link*

In addition, sweet Sy Smith and Mark de Clive-Lowe team up to revamp Teena Marie’s ‘Lovergirl‘ with their own special twist.  (check out the SoulTracks news piece ~ here)

Sidebar: EJ’s OSW (Old School Wednesday) segments have reunited me with songs that impacted me in a certain way along my journey to today. Be sure to subscribe because when he has the time to put them together, trust and believe me when I warn you that you WILL NOT want to miss any episode!


~ by theinnersoul10 on January 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “Inner Soul Rewind: Honoring Lady T’s Legacy w/Certifiable Blends”

  1. Hey Trelly! Thanks for the kind words about the mix. Besides the obvious shock/sadness, the only other thing I could think of when I heard the news was how we could honor her as a “thank you” for all of the wonderful music she gave us over the years. I tried to spotlight her duets and/or collaborations that she did (quite a few as it turned out) and also include songs that folks may not have heard before.

    • That is what I so love about what you do, Co-Chef (pet name! lol) err uhh … TGrundy! You’ve introduced my ears to so many ‘alternate’ tunes that I may not have been aware of when certain albums dropped. Together, you and EJ just totally blew me away.

  2. Hey Trelly! Thanks for doing what you do and doing it so
    well. We’re never prepared for a shock such as Lady T’s transition,
    but we try to represent as best we can. What she did was always
    incredible, and she’ll always be known as one of the finest in Soul
    Music, melanin not required. Thanks again for pulling this

    • EJ, if it helps any to ‘inspire’ you to keep the OSW’s rolling — over the past year an change, you’ve reconnected me with sounds that were so meaningful and magical at some point in my life ~ your Lady T mixes were simply superb! I’m a mellow type of spirit (believe it! *smile*) and the downtempos set me in such a zone ~ (smh) and the uptempos made me wanna get ‘behind the groove’ and ‘shake my body!’ Thank YOU…

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by trelly. trelly said: g'mornin ~ @ejflavors @tgrundy & @syberspace pay tribute to teena marie in a special way! #theinnersoul […]

  4. #Niiice

  5. this is quintessential Lady T… outstanding.

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