Holiday Cheer!

It’s finally Christmas … well, the truth is that the ‘day’ has come and gone, in a year that has seemingly flown by. The holidays elicit certain feelings in each of us, good, bad and indifferent. Along with this season comes the music. There is something about a song that brings you back to a special moment ~ be it one filled with happy memories, or one you wish you never had to remember. For me, I can give you specifics — like, growing up in the Bronx and my brother waking me on Christmas morning to sneak down the hall and peek into the living room at the mountain of gifts around our tree. The torturous part of the whole scene was that our parents would not allow us to touch a thing until we brushed our teeth and ate breakfast. Please understand, our apartment was small and there was not enough room in the kitchen for a table, so we ate at a kitchenette in the living room, stealing glances at the tree. In the background, my father would be playing Christmas music. The sounds of Mahalia Jackson, Nat King Cole, the Jackson 5 and even Johnny Mathis filled our apartment. Such bittersweet memories are still as prevalent within me today as they were so many years ago. I will share this tidbit with you ~ I listen to some Christmas songs year round! They are just too soulful, too melodic and cause me to smile with glee to only pull out for a few short weeks that comprise the holiday season.

Here’s my list (and I’d love to know what songs you’d pick):

This Christmas ~ Donny Hathaway
Christmas Day ~ Frank McComb
Give Love On Christmas Day ~ Ledisi
Every Year, Every Christmas ~ Luther Vandross
Silver Bells ~ Mahalia Jackson
The Christmas Song ~ Nat King Cole
Give Love On Christmas Day ~ New Edition
I Can’t Hardly Wait for Christmas ~ The O’Jays
Make Sure You’re Home ~ Profyle f. Joe & Chico DeBarge
Peace and Joy ~ Rahsaan Patterson
The Real Meaning of Christmas ~ The Winans

Wanna hear? 🙂


~ by theinnersoul10 on December 28, 2010.

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