2010: Year in Review ~ Phase One (February & March)

The early part of 2010 presented so many wonderful opportunities to me that I seemingly floated from one day to the next, often in amazement. I was invited to be part of the Centric TV SoulSessions blog family and to me, God answered a huge chunk of my prayers. In a short span of time, my social calendar became utterly cluttered. I was working my full time job and zipping to a show, interview or preview event somewhere in the confines of New York City. I am extremely grateful for the experience that led me to spend time chatting with the likes of Jonathan Butler, Dru Hill, KeKe Wyatt, Tia Fuller, Kirk Franklin, Calvin Richardson, Lezlie Harrison, Lyfe Jennings and Dave Hollister. These were life chances that may not have ever come my way …

My first SoulSessions blog, Awesome God: In Remembrance of Shawn Brown was meant to pay homage to one whose contribution to the gospel music has left a lasting impression on me. Shawn, a co-founding member of the well-known choir, Youthful Praise was ill and passed away at the top of the year. I hoped to express my admiration in words.

From there, the intriguing, KeKe Wyatt was the first artist I interviewed and immortalized on the SoulSessions blog. What I really enjoyed most was listening to this beautiful sister, through a country twang, speak of her personal challenges and turning them into triumphs. She had some great cuts on her album, Who Knew? which certainly indicated that she still has loads of power behind her vocals! (interview link)

In February, New York City’s weather was brutal! Traveling to Harlem to catch up with the singer, Davina was more of a mental challenge than anything else. I remember vividly just how sharp the winds were on 125th Street on that particular evening. Davina, though having only released one album during the height of neosoulism, quietly disappeared. Despite the weather, I was not willing to pass up a chance to learn more about her, find out where she was during those years of silence and what she was preparing to unleash on the hungry ears of music lovers around the globe. (interview link)

In early March, I was back in Harlem for a high energy show that featured an artist whose performances are few and certainly far between, Van Hunt. I think I am still smiling over the thought of having reintroducing myself and Van telling me that he remembered meeting me in either 2000 or 2001 when I interviewed Rahsaan Patterson at a studio in New York City. Do I really make that much of an impression on folks I meet? *gushing* (Hell Up in Harlem with Van Hunt)

Opening Van Hunt’s show that same evening in Harlem was TreZure, the Empress, a beautiful sister with powerful vocals whom I had been hearing about for years from my friend, Charles Anthony.

Also during the month of March, I was fortunate to attend a private performance where the ultra talented, jazzy and soulful, Lezlie Harrison showed out! Accompanying her on two songs was the dynamic trumpeter, Roy Hargrove. I felt extremely privileged to receive this invitation. (Lezlie Harrison: Oozing with Jazzy Soul)

Before he was sentenced to jail time, I nearly melted (literally) when I met and interviewed Lyfe Jennings. What was absolutely hilarious about the whole encounter is that I never considered myself much of a fan of his music, but that all changed by the time the interview wrapped. Chatting with him presented the perfect gateway to learning more about the rumor that he was leaving music. It had slipped my mind at that time that the singer had a looming criminal matter, which ultimately revoked his freedom. (Is Lyfe Over?)

To be continued…


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  1. Nice year in review, darling! Sounds exciting!

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