Inner Soul Spotlight: Musical Newness from Kristopher Lamont & DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah

Kristopher Lamont

Late in the summer, an online pal became a real life connection.  Kristopher Lamont aka KrisLamontSoul, someone whom I connected with on twitter was in New York at that time, prepping for the photo shoot for his forthcoming debut project. We spent a few hours in a midtown Manhattan men’s clothing store, yacking it up and laughing until my sides hurt, while selecting some of the hottest threads that would accentuate the handsome brother’s good looks all the more.

Kristopher Lamont has a host of videos on You Tube of scattered performances in a variety of venues around the US that showcase his range and vocal skills. In the video below, Kristopher Lamont sings the hell out of Sade’s signature classic, ‘Stonger Than Pride.’

Recently Kristopher Lamont made his new single, Change available as a free download for a limited time, in exchange for you to join his mailing list.  The future is bright for Kristopher Lamont  — keep an eye out for him to hit your city at a later date.

To learn more about Kristopher Lamont and join the mailing list, and to also download Change, click here.

*  *  *

In other news…

The Christmas holiday season is upon us!  DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah have been in the studio working on a new project, which promises to be pretty damned hot!  In the midst of what’s stewing, the pair took the time out to produce a holiday tune, Xmas Time — that can be downloaded for the whopping cost of $FREE$ — check it out, join the mailing list because you’ll want to keep up with what’s to come.

Download link ~~> (here)


~ by theinnersoul10 on November 29, 2010.

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