The Inner Soul Download ~ Unsellable Soul: 4 Real

Unsellable Soul: 4 Real <~ link

The last podcast I worked on back in July was put together in honor of Gerald Levert.  Although the amount of music I have received since that time is absolutely unimaginable, I really had not been moved to put another podcast together.  That is, until now!  I find myself reaching for some of the same songs, and playing them over and over ~ new songs, like: All I Want Is You by Miguel Jontel (a bonafide headnodding, body rocking, mellow smooth banger!) and V‘s single, Fantasy (same description and reaction as Miguel’s jawn)  ~ well, actually every song I’ve included puts me in the same zone!  How about the infectious remix of Bilal‘s song, Restart that I owe all praises to Jodine of Jodine’s Corner for exposing my ears to on one of her weekend Spasmodic episodes.  That song makes you want to spazz out, for real!  Older, can’t do without’s like: Spirit (Does Anybody Care) from the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack which features one of my all-time favorite male vocalists, Dave Hollister and My Soul Ain’t For Sale, a DJ Jazzy Jeff production that showcases Raheem Devaughn crooning on leads ~ to name only a few, had to be part of this episode.

Oh, and I could never close out without Ne-Yo singing, Never Knew I Needed, the song that rounded out a film that brought the little girl in me, front and center: The Princess and the Frog.

I invite you to allow these 54 minutes of Unsellable Soul: 4 Real to move you, groove you and take you on a lil journey!

If you rock, as I do to any of this music, download the podcast ~ or just run it in the background while you knock out some work.


~ by theinnersoul10 on October 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Inner Soul Download ~ Unsellable Soul: 4 Real”

  1. Always nice to wake up to and start the week off with some music from “The Inner Soul”…

  2. Quality selections as expected. Bravo Trelly.

  3. Hey Luv, I have finally arrived!

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