The ‘Celebrate Me’ Countdown Begins… Fave DJs (Part I)

October 9th ~ 5:11 am

The year: 19hundred & 68

The place: Westchester Square Hospital, Bronx, NY

The event: the birth of a bonafide sweetie (so says my mama! 🙂

I’m usually a pretty low key, humble type of person when it comes to the spotlight ~ that is, until my birthday rolls around.  I was raised to celebrate ‘me‘ for the entire month of October.  This year, I started early by reaching out to a special group of friends who hold a really wonderful spot in my heart: my favorite mixmaster DJs! DJs not podcasters ~ DJs who still work with turntables … may have stepped it up by throwing a mac into the scheme of things — but they, unlike me, can make the music do what it do without the aid of a computer program or iphone app (ok, I’m telling on myself ~ and maybe you, too! *lol*).

DJ Come of Age (Germany)

Affectionately known as COA, this brother ~ has been the catalyst for an immeasurable amount of global musical collaborations on the independent scene; the music he supports spans genres and his vision goes well beyond the imaginable scope. Besides that, he is a loyal supporter, a connector of valuable ‘dots’ and is a great friend!  Thank goodness for myspace…

No other way to say it ~ C.O.A is that dude!

His unwavering support of ONUTSS back in the days, resulted in a few volumes of mixtapes that were dedicated to Pam and myself:

One Nation Under the Soul Shack Mixtape (link)

ONUTSS 2: Unconditional Love (link)

ONUTSS 3: No Time Like the Present (link)

ONUTSS 4: Visions Unfold (link)

DJ Renay (New York)

Another sister that myspace connected me to and friendship kept me glued to over these years.  She had some of the banginest house mixes on her myspace page and I was brazen enough to ask her to send me copies. (of course I offered to pay whatever her fees for s& h were because I had to have them!)  Sisterchic is baaad and kind of fly on the floor with her feetmoves.  DJ Renay is the truth when it comes to houseblends and her story on getting in to the mixmistress movement is absolutely inspiring! She can be heard on-air on RhythmFlow on Fridays from 10pm – midnite ESTand this is a link to her podcast site.


DJ Smoove (Ohio)

Connecting to DJ Smoove was another wonderful union that came together by chance on myspace!  I used to spend crazy hours on myspace ~ exploring music across the span of the earth, making connections, building visibility for ONUTSS, but more importantly — making lifelong bonds.  DJ Smoove had his ChoclateSoul mixes in his myspace player and I would lurk and fully rock out!  No lie !!!  What moved me about D is that his mixes were filled with the music that I loved and didn’t hear anyone else plugging ~ the indie soul circuit artists: V, Eric Roberson, Rahsaan Patterson, Leela James and the list goes on.  I had to reach out and show him love for what he was spinning because I was blown away.  From myspace, we’ve evolved like everyone else into the world of facebook and twitter (the latter which I pulled him in — kicking and scrunching his face to *lol*) His mixes are now available in Atlanta at Moods Music and Earwax Records website now carries a feed for each mix.  But you can keep up with all that he does via his podomatic page!

DeeJay Eric (Kenya, Africa)

What is so fascinating to me about DeeJay Eric is his location, his passion for music and his sincerity!  E and I connected on facebook because Frances Jaye had given him a shout out.  Frances is like EF Hutton ~ she speaks, we all listen up! *lol* So I started checking him out, and was immediately enamored.  Eric hails from the motherland, and has his fingers on musical gems that originated here in the States that I’ve never heard!  I had to start plugging him because people needed to know that there was love for ‘our’ indie artists and soul music, overall somewhere near the equator.  E, was also dragged (literally) over to twitter by yours truly — but it’s been a great ride for the both of us because the links I see him making have really left me sitting back, grinning.  E, put this 90s Soul Mix together that I listen to at least once a week.  Check that one out and other gems he’s created on his podomatic page.

 These are a few of my favorite DJs and friends that I hold near and dear — wanted to share them with you on my birthday.  This is only PART ONE — got some others to tell you about in a minute. Stay tuned!



~ by theinnersoul10 on October 9, 2010.

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