Inner Soul Spotlight: Darien Needs Your Help As He Battles for the Crown

For quite some time, Darien was one of New York’s best kept indie soul secrets! But, within a matter of time ~ word got out and now, New York has had to share ~~> Darien is everywhere.  He’s performed up and down the east coast, in Tokyo, Aruba and most recently as an opener at the Budweiser Superfest on the New York stop.  Lucky me ~ I was there and had an opportunity to see how it all went down!  Truthfully, after working with so many indie artists over the years, I selfishly claim them as my family.  It was with total pride that I sat and watched Darien perform out on Long Strong Island (*shameless hometown plug*).

Now, Darien is part of the Budweiser Battle for the Crown contest where he has the opportunity to walk away with $25k that will go towards his next project.  I don’t give my stamp of approval on music that I don’t feel.  Darien’s cd, If These Walls Could Talk was voted in my playlist as 2009’s Indie Soul Album of the Year!

I ask that you support one of our own who is doing his best to keep independent artists in the forefront!

How to vote for Darien to win the Budweiser Superfest Battle For The Crown:

1) Go to

2) Enter your date of birth. You must be over 21 years old to access the website.

3) Before you can vote, you have to watch at least two videos from the 13 contenders. Hover over the photo of the artist that you want to watch to get the option to watch their video.

4) After you’ve watched two or more videos, hover over Darien‘s photo to get the option to vote for him.
5) Click on the red check mark and a box will pop up for you to enter your email address and the CAPTCHA code before your vote can be recorded.
6) Enter your email address and the CAPTCHA code, click the button to vote and that’s it.

7) Don’t forget that you can vote for Darien once a day between now and September 30th.


~ by theinnersoul10 on September 25, 2010.

One Response to “Inner Soul Spotlight: Darien Needs Your Help As He Battles for the Crown”

  1. I’m scared of Darien, winner seems to be his middle name!

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