Inner Soul Spotlight: Elisabeth Withers ~ Living Life With NO REGRETS


In 2006, Elisabeth Withers appeared as Shug Avery in the Broadway production of the Color Purple. Captivating the audience and commanding the spotlight in each scene she appeared in, particularly when singing the infamously provocative song, Push the Button, Withers was a hit!  And although our beloved Idol, Fantasia shared the stage, it was Withers who owned the heart of every onlooker whenever present.

As the play’s run seemingly had begun winding down, Withers became more visible as a solo vocalist.  Her single, Be With You was riding the charts and gaining momentum on the airwaves, while the accompanying video for the sultry, enticing song was in rotation on every music video channel in existence.  Expectations ran deep with hope that Withers’ live performances would be non-stop, but the spotlight slowly faded, at her request. There were spot appearances, but her focus was on her home life.  Opting to spend time raising her young daughter and maintain a happy existence with her life partner/manager, Damon Mendes — Withers vanished.

Returning with a new project, NO REGRETSSoulTracks‘ Howard Dukes rates No Regrets with a high recommendation.  Check out his review, then purchase the album via iTunes.

No Regrets (video)



~ by theinnersoul10 on September 16, 2010.

One Response to “Inner Soul Spotlight: Elisabeth Withers ~ Living Life With NO REGRETS”

  1. The video from that flashback evening makes me so proud. Been watching it lately.

    Glad to see Lis back looking good!

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