Live Soul: Avery*Sunshine, Angela Johnson & Chris Rob

Avery*Sunshine has seemingly taken the indie soul world into the palms of her hands and let us know that she’s got ‘sunshine’ running all through her! Since the release of her debut, self-titled album, she’s yet to grace the New York/New Jersey area with a performance…well, that is about to change. (amen) Not only will she be featured at the upcoming monthly Nu-Soul Series in Brooklyn, but she will be showcased in New Jersey on Tuesday, September 14th with my wonderful friends, Troy, Walter, Meechie and Tracy bka the DamnGoodMusicMovement! (flier below)

Chris Rob is New York — even though he’s not a native, we’ve embraced him, adopted him and claimed his musicianship as our own. For a while he was MIA because he toured the world, blessing the keys with John Legend. Now he’s carved out time to complete his own project — which will also be featured at the Nu-Soul Series event. And, he’s one to keep an ear sure to google him and sign up for his updates. A live performance is one that you’ll always remember when Chris is at the helm!

If you miss either of these events — don’t say you hadn’t been warned!


~ by theinnersoul10 on September 8, 2010.

One Response to “Live Soul: Avery*Sunshine, Angela Johnson & Chris Rob”

  1. Looking so forward to these shows!

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