Inner Soul Spotlight: Lenny Hamilton

There are those people who say ‘jump!’ and you don’t even have to ask ‘how high?’ because you respect their direction and know that they will lead you down the right corridor. Such is the case with the stumble upon singer, Lenny Hamilton. The date was July 26th and my friend, Duane Powell (Soundrotation) had posted his New Music Monday selections. Now Duane, for all who do not know, is one who is always on the money when it comes to making music recommendations. Since I was unfamiliar with Lenny, I decided to listen in and see what he had to offer. I was indeed hooked from the first blend. Before the night ended, I’d purchased Lenny’s ‘free’ EP, WAYOUT and had connected with him on FaceBook. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to share the news of Lenny Hamilton with anyone who would take a listen.


In his own words, Lenny describes himself as a Nashville based, all around: producer, songwriter and musician, as well as a self-proclaimed music fanatic! His first recording, nearly twenty-five years ago was created using a 4-track cassette machine. Lenny’s musical influences include a fascination with Natalie Cole, at the tender age of 6, and Stevie Wonder’s classic collection, ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’. Attributing his push to pursue a musical career to the music of Prince, Lenny’s music embodies many of those same elements. WAYOUT, Lenny’s six song EP is available as a free download. I urge you to download WAYOUT, take a listen and tell a friend.

Guaranteed: enjoyable and definitely #certifiable!

Connect with Lenny:

  • via his website (
  • via facebook (
  • via twitter (
  • via bandcamp/download WAYOUT (
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    ~ by theinnersoul10 on September 6, 2010.

    3 Responses to “Inner Soul Spotlight: Lenny Hamilton”

    1. Thanks for the mention my lady. Lenny is great!!

    2. The One is my cut thus far. Great voice and production

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