Inner Soul: Abraham McDonald ~ Keep An Ear On His Music!

Abraham McDonald

Introduced to this singer at this past weekend’s Budweiser Superfest. His voice caught my ear and made me stop what I was doing to take it all in. He sang an original song (Miracle) that I wasn’t familiar with, but it did not matter. Each note was solid and soared from the depths of his musical soul. New York crowds are naturally tough, and Jones Beach was no different. When Abraham’s song ended and he began thanking the crowd for listening, there audible rumbles around me like, “is that it?” “he’s not singing another song?” “dag!” But that was all the time he apparently had been allotted. Before leaving the stage, he urged the audience to follow him on twitter, facebook, google and sent a big shout out to his label, Island Def Jam.

Doing my research now, I have learned that Abraham secured his deal with Island Def Jam after winning the Karaoke Challenge on Oprah’s show. They picked a winner for sure!

Abraham’s single, Miracle is available as a free download. Check it out. If you enjoy what you hear, sign up to be part of his mailing list. He’s definitely someone to keep on your radar!


~ by theinnersoul10 on August 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Inner Soul: Abraham McDonald ~ Keep An Ear On His Music!”

  1. Abraham must have been all that for you to give him time and space! Gotta check him out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. When you say ‘keep an eye on him’ I listen. Then I remebered hearing him sing once and had a similar reaction. I couldn’t see him from where I was sitting so I gave someone my camera and asked them to take a picture. I recognized him from the news stories after he won the contest. He’s lives in my neighborhood. Inner Soul you rock & roll!!

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