SoulAfrodisiac: Epitome of a Music Lover


Soul Afrodisiac: Epitome of a Music Lover

A couple of years ago the indie soul scene was at a serious peak!  The web was alive with music spots that drew so many of us together, forged lasting friendships and business partnerships and the love ran thick and deep.  Back then I spent as many hours as my eyes would allow on Soul Commune. Ultimately I dubbed myself the ‘Soul Commune Good Word Spreader‘  and anyone who would listen was filled with the wonderful news about the next progressive spot after the mass exodus from myspace.

Connecting with Ann Marie Collymore aka AnnieMae aka the Soul Afrodisiac is one such defining moment from my days spent hibernating on Soul Commune.  She has literally blown into New York like a tropical storm and won the hearts and trust of music lovers, music makers, music’s managers and businesswomen and anyone she touches, figuratively.  She’s become a staple at music and social events — when you don’t see her, you wonder where she might be.  Usually, her feet grow wheels and spin from one spot to another (in one day!)

Soon she will leave us (so she says ~ seeing is DAMN believing, I say! :)) and return to her native, T-Dot (Toronto), pouring all of her tremendous New York triumphs into the music scene there, I am certain.  Ann Marie can be found on twitter, reviewing concerts and delivering her infamous “6 Questions with…” one of today’s hot artists on her site and on SoulTracks where she serves as the official ‘Concert Reviewer’ and ‘Video Editor’ — definitely the around town gal.

I will cherish my friendship with AnnieMae; reflecting on the wonderful memories we’ve built (the unyielding number of shows we’ve attended: Maxwell for my big 4-0th birthday, Mint Condition, Bobby Brown & Foreign Exchange in one night when I thought I was as youthful and my back was as sturdy as her and Lady Vee‘s ~ [not so!], ONUTSS Listening Parties, a private birthday gathering in 09 where dares were made for me to swallow shots of some poisonous liquid fire (see pic below lol) and the wealth of reflections).  Her knowledge of music is extensive, soul and otherwise. Whatever she wraps her mind around to do from this point forward will be met with the utmost success!  She bet never forget me or act like her fingers cannot dial my number…we’ve gone too deep for that, besides that is just not her style.

If she’s reading this, I want her to know that I love her like a sister and wish her the world of happiness!  New York streets will never be the same without her feetwheels rolling from boro to boro.

One final word: Have passport, CAN travel!  Holla @ yo grrl! 🙂

Here are two recent concert reviews from the Soul Afrodisiac:


~ by theinnersoul10 on June 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “SoulAfrodisiac: Epitome of a Music Lover”

  1. THIS made me smile. Gonna miss AMC, too. :/

    Love. You get extra hugs for this one… 🙂

    • sookie wah wah, will!! *lol* really though… I’ll be no good with the water works if I’m to say ‘so long’ ~ truly don’t think her tail is going anywhere for long, but…

  2. And only NOW I am reading the comments…

    @Will: You know I will miss you. I don’t even want to go there just yet…*sigh*

    @Lelly: As I said previously, words cannot explain…

    You have been part of my Angel Network since I’ve been here. And not only are you one of the few I do bestow that title upon, but you have also become one of my best friends. I truly appreciate you and love you dearly for the person and friend you are and continue to be.

    LOVE YA LELLY! And thank you so much for the tribute!

  3. such a sweet, honest tribute…

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