Inner Soul Spotlight: PJ MORTON

Wiped my iPod clean a few nights ago.  I tired of coming across slews of songs that led me to push to get away from.  Ultimately, the last straw was opening iTunes on my computer and seeing the dreaded ‘!‘ next to more than 10,ooo songs.  So this time around, I am cautiously taking my time adding songs and videos.

Tonight I should be writing (and I shall) but I wanted to sift through music that might make its way back to the coveted Pod when I came across How Much U Mean 2 Me, a song from PJ Morton that just nailed the thoughts that were floating within me.

PJ Morton is a gifted artist.  He is well respected and the type of person who is so well liked because of his warmth that no one can speak ill of him. Genuine personalities go a long way… (take heed!)  No Ordinary Love is by far my favorite PJ Morton cut — there has been no experience like the one I’ve witnessed when his band performed that song live, with horns.  Absolutely bananas!

On the video below, PJ sings his award winning production, Let Go Let God and is accompanied by his father, Bishop Paul Morton. This song led to DeWayne Woods becoming a household name around the world (especially in my house *smile*).

PJ’s new album, Walk Alone is out now and available for purchase. To preview & purchase the album which is currently the SoulTracks CD of the Month (April) and is a steal for only $9.99, please follow this link.


~ by theinnersoul10 on April 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “Inner Soul Spotlight: PJ MORTON”

  1. I needed that word today (from the video). Thanks for always sharing the good stuff, Trelly!

    • Glad that I could provide a little oil for your fire today, Suga! I really enjoy watching Bishop Morton onstage bcause his emotional enthusiasm and passion for the Lord is infectious. And what can I say about PJ? Well you know that I’ve been digging his music for years.

  2. PJ is SO EXTREMELY UNDERRATED!!! He represents a breed of artist, musician and producer that is nearly extinct in the music industry.

  3. Love your pieece Trelz! It’s as warm and personal as the man himself. I had the pleasure of seeing PJ live and meeting him as well. He is awesome on and off stage and I love watching him evolve musically. Incredibly talented!

  4. And i had no idea that “no ordinary love” was your favorite… I just happen to pick it for my last mix cause of the tempo & the feel of live instruments to make my head nod. (you know me) Just wanted to drop a line to ya Sis. Your music knowledge is greatly appreciated by folks like me who had no idea. We Love You!!

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