Inner Soul Spotlight: Marvin Gaye

Inner Soul Spotlight: a weekly feature that will highlight the music that either fueled my week or has made me excited to love music as I do. If you believe that there is an artist that I would enjoy shining the spotlight on, please reach out to me at


It’s kind of crazy when you think back to the details surrounding Marvin Gaye‘s death. I can’t help but reflect back on the first time I overheard someone say, “I brought you in this world and I can damn sure take you out!” (my mother never said it to me, let me make that clear from the onset *lol*) But actually knowing that those words were spurred to action in a situation involving one who meant much to many is bitterly eerie.

There are events that have occurred in my lifetime, where I can tell you specifically what I was doing when it took place. The breaking news of Marvin Gaye having been shot by his father is one such event. I was a freshman in high school and had invited my two best friends, at the time to my house.

We were walking into my house when my mother met us at the front door. It was as though her lips were moving in slow motion. I thought that it might have been such a crazy April Fool’s joke, so I ran to the radio to try to verify it for myself. I flipped the dial from radio station to radio station, still not wanting to believe what my ears were hearing. Radio personalities were absolutely shattered, tearfully announcing that Marvin Gaye was dead.

A visit to the Motown Museum during my most recent trip to Detroit in 2009 was required. Who better to make the trek with me but my teenage, music loving son. My seed, who has experienced the daily joy in me as music fills my soul, and his as well. Being in the midst of the place where Marvin and so many other fabulous legends got their start left me charged! When no one was looking, I ran my hand across the piano in the infamous Studio A that Marvin reportedly used while working on the last album before his death.

Here are a few of the musical memories left behind by Marvin Gaye that make me remember just why one day I hoped to be Mrs. Gaye #3 🙂

Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984)


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4 Responses to “Inner Soul Spotlight: Marvin Gaye”

  1. Girl, like you, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke too. I couldn’t believe it at all. The moment plays over in my head every year. Miss him dearly.

    • A wicked joke — so I thought until I learned the horrid truth. My caramel colored prince had become a memory…

  2. Probably one of my favorite soul artist. I remember the day he died and my mom’s response. Years later – after Tupac died, she told me that I felt the same as she did when Marvin died.

    Some artists music just enters into your spirit and remains there.

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