Mint Condition: A Great Distraction!

It’s after midnight, which for me is typically the most productive time of ‘my’ day — and this evening is no different.  There is much on my list that must be accomplished before I shut down for good.  Elated over the news of yet another President Obama milestone ~ the passing of the Healthcare Reform Bill and I’m trying to get re-focused.  I was flipping the tv channels between CNN, Centric and VH1Soul when I should have been concentrating on overdue writing that has to be posted tonight when I hear …


My love affair with the music of Mint Condition spans back to 1994 and I’ve been a die-hard F.O.O.M. (Friend Of Our Music — a term coined by front man, Stokley Williams) ever since.  They are, by far my favorite band and definitely some of the most talented musicians with a sustainable presence these days.  Since their emergence, I have only missed two of their New York performances.  Every show leaves you longing to have them play again night after night.

I’m grateful for Sweetlocs who captured some special moments from their July 2009 show at NY’s BB King’s. I was too busy at the foot of the stage taking it all in and trying to remember to take pictures (lol)

Through following the music of Mint Condition, I have made lifelong friends, formed business affiliations and shared musical love that no one could ever begin to understand.

Mint Condition will be performing at the Capital Jazz Festival this year on Sunday, June 6th and you know who is going to try her damn best to be in that space!

*Thanks for the distraction, MC — back to work, Trel!*


~ by theinnersoul10 on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mint Condition: A Great Distraction!”

  1. Oooooo I’m honored to be in the pics section! I’ve had two great Mint Condition moments with you. One more left before I leave my friend! 😀

  2. I definitely think this experience was by far much better than our first! Any Mint Condition adventure is bound to be great — glad we were able to share these.

    Where are you going again?? Oh right, away for a ‘visit’ (lol)

  3. Mint @ BB Kings in June has been CANCELLED! *tears* Hopefully it is rescheduled before me ‘visit’ lol ;-P

    • Last night on New York’s 98.7 KISS FM, Lenny Green hosted a tribute to Mint Condition. I had my own private concert in my jeep. When he announced that he was giving away tickets to the June gig with Mint & Dwele, I dialed for 15 minutes straight!!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t the winner — but damn if I didn’t try.


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